Honor 6 Launching Ceremony Malaysia

I'm following the admin of Huawei Honor 3C Users Malaysia, Mr.Wira to this event. Kind and friendly Mr.Wira fetch 2 honorians and me here. :)

The event started at 2.30pm today at W.I.P, Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC). This is the first time I come to BSC. The first impression it gives me is high class. I can feel the same feeling in Mid Valley and probably in some shopping malls in Petaling Jaya area. I still haven't get to visit popular shopping malls in PJ like Publika, Paradigm Mall, One City etc. Someone please bring me to these places~

Specifications of Honor 6

The world's first Octa-core 4G CAT6 Smartphone

1. Latest Octa-core Kirin 920 Processor 1.7Ghz developed by Huawei

2. 3GB RAM, 16GB ROM, support SD card

3. Fast speed of 4G LTE, up to 300Mbps

4. Bigger battery capacity, 3100mAh & SmartPower 2.0 helps to manage power usage efficiently

5. Front 5MP, back 13MP 4th generation BSI camera, double press volume down button to take a photo when screen is off!

6. Size: 139.6mm x 7.5mm x 69.7mm, 5 inches screen size Full HD display

The size is almost the same as my Honor 3C. Just some difference at the edge, Honor 6 is more round. Malaysia set is single sim.

Honor 6 White

Honor 6 Black

Guess what, Wira is using it already before the launch.

In addition, I discovered that it uses Andriod 4.4 and Emotion UI 2.3, which has a nice and different interface from Emotion UI 2.0!
The 3 main buttons are in the screen, unlike Honor 3C which is located outside the displaying screen.

It's only RM999!

Few (very) active members in FB group received a special reward: 1 unit of Honor 6 for FREEE! 
*Photo of me is just for illustration purpose XD

They prepared food and drinks for all the guests.
I love to eat~ hehe

Famous super model Miss Amber Chia came over to support the launching event. She got 1 unit of the smartphone too.

They will start selling the device on 16th October 2014. But, only pre-booked customer can buy on the first day. Pre-booking starts from 29th October 2014. 

Besides that, DiGi is also going to sell this phone with its data plan in the near future.

Go to pre-book page here and stand a chance to win an Honor 6!

Without time we don't exist

People say 'appreciating what you have now'. I would say, 'Do more than that'.
Not that you don't have the chance. The choice is yours.

*Attitude problem* tsk tsk is it a sign of not loving yourself? 
No! It's because I love myself more, that's why heheh :)
When you love somebody you would do your best for them. No doubt I am right.

(Just mumbling...lol smile and continue reading~)

Semester break is ending very soon... EMO :(
I had been doing room cleaning for many days. I haven't start clearing unwanted things yet. I still wanna live a slow life =.= I want to recycle all my diploma notes but scared what if I need them one day?

I did quite a lot of shopping compared to the past. I would go out everyday if I can~ I never did so much shopping before, mainly because I didn't care to allocate time for shopping, or even window shopping... Normal college days, when you do other things than study, you're wasting time. This is how selfless I am for the sake of better study result. 

Nevertheless, I really enjoy spending money on things I like. Pick things I like close my eyes take my monehh swipe that card weee~ ;) Only in semester breaks.

Ask my sister to accompany me but got rejected so many times haiz my bad she is in exam period lahh so I traveled around Bukit Bintang alone...I like to spend time with myself but anyhow, two is better than one.

I met my old friends. Haven't seen them for a very long time.
Both handsome guy. Intelligent and smart people.
They changed (of course lol), physically and mentally. 
Time passed too fast, many things happened in between.
Can't accept all that at that moment. I need time.
Time doesn't wait. It never wait. I still living in the past.
Am I the only person who doesn't change? 

Very sorry guys...I might have said something that made you unhappy coz I'm a slow person. Flashback I knew I overreacted. Now I accept your changes.
Forgive me please, dear handsome :)
I know when the semester starts I will hardly talk to them... sigh.
We will meet again. Next round my treat k.

p.s. I want to see how you changed. 3:)

The pictures that you sent me they're still living in my phone
I'll admit I like to see them, I'll admit I feel alone
And all my friends keep asking why I'm not around

No more study to A

It's over....The final exam is finally OVERR
Words are still merely words... I still find it difficult to describe the whole semester 1 in words. Probably near to the most difficult you ever faced, and double,triple it?

Top problems in degree studies
1.Insufficient brain power
Absorb new things, recall old things, remember things that learnt previously, link between new and old ones, apply in question, bring out all in exam. Repeat! wtf

2. Limited time
Maybe just me? No I don't think so. No time for any other thing. If you have time, it means you're sacrificing study time for other activities. Don't even have time to absorb, recall, apply, how to do tutorial questions? How to excel in just 3 months?

3. Study put double effort, but in exam get half or no mark. Then, did make good test, pass with minimum passing mark. First make good test in my college life. That mood and feeling was damn awful.

4. Minimum sleep
Definitely happen to everyone. I sleep minimum 6 hours in normal school day. Many choose not to sleep when exam period. For me, I'll sleep soundly. HEHE 
This is why I do all the thing few weeks before exam. So that while everyone burn their own midnight oil I can put away my books for 6 hours sweet and sound sleep.
Still, no time.

5. Group work
Degree do filtered out a lot of below average students. I'm in an environment full of intelligent and smart people. And a lot of 'serious' people in different terms. Group work has become easier. Just that everyone has different pattern, attitude and way of doing things that I need to cope with. 

I have become a mediocre student compared to my classmates. I don't know where to place myself. :(
They always said 'study smart', but when you're not as smart as expected, you don't have a choice, but to study hard.

I'll hold on to hard work beats talent, practice makes perfect.

Final exam result will be out after 2 weeks. How will my result be?

Minds that think alike attract each other.

Holiday mood on, outing with just slipper!
hahah ignore it lah :P

July Raya Break

Life had been very busy since Degree studies started. I got into a new class, met a bunch of new, active, exciting, happening, handsome, pretty friends, and few quiet friends, besides my former classmates. Wonderful life starts now. 

First 6 weeks was a hard time. We haven't really talked to each other so much. Many friends gave up lecture class since diploma. Most of the time after tutorial classes ends, we went back straight away.
This might be a problem after graduating from Form 5. College student do not have a daily fixed schooling time in college, whole classmates sit together in a class. We don't have time to interact and get a long with new friends faster =.=

My gang were in another course. I felt so lonely and helpless because I'm the only one get into my course. At the same time my sister just left for UK. Who can I talk to? To who can I share my happiness, worries, questions, small talks, opinions, complains etc...?? I don't feel belonged to any gang. I was always alone in canteen or in the library when break time. My mood swung up and down like (maybe really..?) hormone imbalance. So down, so emo, so lonelehhh I can die :'( 

Everything became better starting from week 7. The only thing that never turn better is studies. I need help and guide...Chasing chapters and tutorials everyday, struggling just to pass... How to aim high when you can't achieve the minimum? :|
Sigh......  Pray to god everyday.

Taro plant besides me, made me think of my favourite Taro Milk Tea from Share Tea :)

Renewal of P License JPJ WPKL

Ahh... So long. It's July now. I hardly got time for myself to do the things I love now. Update on brand new college life when I'm free in Hari Raya holidays!

I went to JPJ WPKL on Tuesday to renew my expired P license. In fact it was expired since early of May. Only now I have the time to make a renewal. No penalty imposed for late renewal, but try not to drag too long... You still need a new license to continue driving right~

The office is along Jalan Genting Klang, that area is very near to TAR UC and KL Festival City. 

Be informed about their lunch break time. I forgot to ask about their operation hours... I think it can be found at the website.

First arrive at the main entrance there will be quite a number of people offering help to you... They might charge you, beware.

I just went to the counter at the left side to get a queue number first. Needed items only P license, photograph in passport size/license size, and renewal fee of RM75 to renew for 2 years.

Just half an hour, I was able to take bus opposite the place to get back to my college. The office seems a lot of people, but for renewal it is fast. Definitely can get your new license on the spot. :)