Without time we don't exist

People say 'appreciating what you have now'. I would say, 'Do more than that'.
Not that you don't have the chance. The choice is yours.

*Attitude problem* tsk tsk is it a sign of not loving yourself? 
No! It's because I love myself more, that's why heheh :)
When you love somebody you would do your best for them. No doubt I am right.

(Just mumbling...lol smile and continue reading~)

Semester break is ending very soon... EMO :(
I had been doing room cleaning for many days. I haven't start clearing unwanted things yet. I still wanna live a slow life =.= I want to recycle all my diploma notes but scared what if I need them one day?

I did quite a lot of shopping compared to the past. I would go out everyday if I can~ I never did so much shopping before, mainly because I didn't care to allocate time for shopping, or even window shopping... Normal college days, when you do other things than study, you're wasting time. This is how selfless I am for the sake of better study result. 

Nevertheless, I really enjoy spending money on things I like. Pick things I like close my eyes take my monehh swipe that card weee~ ;) Only in semester breaks.

Ask my sister to accompany me but got rejected so many times haiz my bad she is in exam period lahh so I traveled around Bukit Bintang alone...I like to spend time with myself but anyhow, two is better than one.

I met my old friends. Haven't seen them for a very long time.
Both handsome guy. Intelligent and smart people.
They changed (of course lol), physically and mentally. 
Time passed too fast, many things happened in between.
Can't accept all that at that moment. I need time.
Time doesn't wait. It never wait. I still living in the past.
Am I the only person who doesn't change? 

Very sorry guys...I might have said something that made you unhappy coz I'm a slow person. Flashback I knew I overreacted. Now I accept your changes.
Forgive me please, dear handsome :)
I know when the semester starts I will hardly talk to them... sigh.
We will meet again. Next round my treat k.

p.s. I want to see how you changed. 3:)

The pictures that you sent me they're still living in my phone
I'll admit I like to see them, I'll admit I feel alone
And all my friends keep asking why I'm not around

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