Renewal of P License JPJ WPKL

Ahh... So long. It's July now. I hardly got time for myself to do the things I love now. Update on brand new college life when I'm free in Hari Raya holidays!

I went to JPJ WPKL on Tuesday to renew my expired P license. In fact it was expired since early of May. Only now I have the time to make a renewal. No penalty imposed for late renewal, but try not to drag too long... You still need a new license to continue driving right~

The office is along Jalan Genting Klang, that area is very near to TAR UC and KL Festival City. 

Be informed about their lunch break time. I forgot to ask about their operation hours... I think it can be found at the website.

First arrive at the main entrance there will be quite a number of people offering help to you... They might charge you, beware.

I just went to the counter at the left side to get a queue number first. Needed items only P license, photograph in passport size/license size, and renewal fee of RM75 to renew for 2 years.

Just half an hour, I was able to take bus opposite the place to get back to my college. The office seems a lot of people, but for renewal it is fast. Definitely can get your new license on the spot. :)

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