Nivea blog contest + PIKOM PC Fair

Late post, Nuffnang announced the winners in March 26~I'm so happy!! Spot my blog? Read my previous post here
I haven't get email from Nuffnang about the collection details :o
Nuffnang have you emailed all the winners?
Looking forward to go to Nuffnang office again :3 And the prize! So excited to know what I will get.

Gonna search for other winners' blogs to subscribe later!
Their writing skill and language must be very good.
I must keep on improving!! AAAHHH

PIKOM PC Fair April 2014
Trend now: But first let me take a selfie!
This time there was no main booth for Avira, we promote at other booths for the dealers. Exibition from hall 1 to hall 5 only. 

As usual, the few big brands like Lenovo, Dell, Asus, Samsung selling laptops. Lenovo and Asus also promoting their smartphones! Plan to have a look on HTC but I can't see it... 

There are 2 new brands that are selling smartphones: Alcatel and Oppo. Their smartphones are affordable! RM1299 for the latest model Alcatel Idol X+. Octa-core 2GHz, clear 13.1MP back camera + 2MP front camera which I'm satisfied with the picture quality, dual sim, expandable memory, it's also slim and light! 
Into the list for consideration!
Comparing Alcatel Idol X and iPhone 5S
Day 1 I bought Logitech most basic optical mouse at RM16, with 3 years warranty! Yeah I want that warranty :D 
At first the promoter told me that it is one to one exchange if one day it malfunctioned in the period of warranty, but later found out that it only applies in 7 days after purchase. 
Do ask more to clarify information and read clearly for warranty T&C. Don't rely 100% on talk of mouth. =_=

Day 2 start working~ This is the 1st time I being told that I could be a show girl. Somehow I wanted to try. Sigh...

Day 3 I bought 2 units of Canon ink cartridge for RM126 at the last hour, and they gave me a lot of freebies!! USB LED stand light, Angry Bird Mug, multipurpose light backpack, Panasonic torch light and 2 packs of Canon photo printing paper. 
Last hour customer always have the privilage! Or it is just me? :P Thank them very much I'm so surprised I could be the happiest girl of the day. 

Get to know some new friends too! Happy all day long! 

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