CNY ChurpOut Event @ Vault Damansara ♥

CNY ChurpOut Event! held at Vault Wine Bistro
invited by Yang Bao Bei my best friend ♥
See pics! Type less :P

Reach the place on 5pm for a free makeup session~
 My sis commented that the makeup person not professional...
coz the makeup applied on me made my look too mature 
and she made my big eyes look smaller @@
*KATE promised Hoong Ling for the makeup session but I don't see the makeup artist using any KATE products..? *
look into the mirror and feel that the person inside is not really me >_<
went through the day with the look like that :-/

Sandra and I were the two girls not wearing high heels... T.T lose ad
Sandra's attire more fashionable and colourful~ I totally lose T.T~
straight away go there after no time and space for me to dress nicer : (
Saw a lot of famous people in social media ;D
Calligraphy by guest~ 

Lou Sang session included! picture from churp churp FB page

Menu on the board 
table reserved!
Group photo ^^

Dinner of the night! :D

Nom nom nom! :P
with Mr.Brian See! ^^
with Spellman! :P
with Kar Chun :)
Group photo 2 :D
Group photo~ can you find me :P
photo from churp churp FB page

with Sandra Cai Wey :)

This is me! :D
tired but fun day ^^
How I wish I could join more event like this!

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