Harlem Shake!!

This is the Harlem shake by Germani Productions :)
Saw 2 spidermen, 1 mario, 1 Luffy, 1 captain Malaysia? lol
1 chatime barista, big angry bird, 1 blue hair person, Joseph in taekwondo attire, some more? XD

Who invented this Harlem Shake? No one really bother about it they just shake in the style they like LOL~
1 more name for it is "goncang haram" really becoming haram the shake spread out like wild fire now >_<

When I was Form 2, Shuffle is the leading trend. We can see students shuffling all the time in the school... at the canteen, in the gym, outside the toilet, outside the school, in the classroom even more people joining the group shuffle LOL!

After some time the discipline teacher announced that no shuffling is allowed in the school in the assembly.
I think he was very annoyed by this shuffling shuffling move HAHAHAH ;)
After that we seldom see student shuffles in the school.
Actually my friends and I enjoyed watching them shuffling XD
A very fascinating dance battle :D

Back to the Harlem Shake, hahahhahahahaha funny!
But at the same time felt that this special movement looks a bit.......weird @@ and... lame. = =
but I might consider to do it when classmates are playing with it :P

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