Someone Like You

A wonderful moment, when you meet someone like you ;)

I mean mentally! but physically is also suprising~

"Never mind I'll find someone like you......
OOH! I found one :D "

I posted the sentence above on my facebook few weeks ago.
And, It really came true!!!
I found one person, 
like myself!
Is this a Christmas gift from Santa? ><

Someone who has the same thinking like you,
someone who you feel like yourself,
someone who had the same experience like you,
someone who has the same personalities like you,
someone who are very different from anyone else,
but just almost the same like you.


Sincerely, I feel very happy get to meet and know you.
Do you have the same feeling too?
We may have many friends, but only few close friends.
At least, meeting you let me realise that, I'm not the only one alone.

Good luck in exams my friends ^^
And...Happy Boxing Day!

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