Grand Opening of H&M Avenue K

Today is the grand opening day of H&M fashion clothing outlet at Avenue K! Woke up at 8AM just to line up at the front door to get the opening door gift! 
Long time didn't do shopping for clothes I'm gonna grab this chance *_* Heehehe~ 

Jalan Ampang is still in a jam after 9am. Reach there about 9.30am, quickly get down from the bus and run through the zebra cross towards the shop. There was already 2 lines of shoppers standing and sitting on the floor waiting, so we quickly follow the queue. After us, there were 1 Ah Ma (very in ahma, sunglass, Iphone) and 1 young lady, then the queue line was closed. Meaning that, my sister and I are the lucky No.197 and No.198 shopper! 
What A Great Feeling!!! 

Yesterday night logged into Twitter, quite a lot of shoppers posting about today's event. I kinda lose hope actually. zZz So glad to be the lucky 200! (✿◠‿◠)

The 1st shopper will get a RM300 gift card from H&M. The remaining 200 shoppers gets RM50 gift card to shop. According to the worker there, the 1st shopper started his queue yesterday 5pm WOW  ̃๏̯̃๏ In addition, he looks like ahjussi (google this if u don't get it) XP
Anyhow, congratulations to this man!

They promised the opening at 11am, the emcee entertaining us while we waiting patiently. The workers there gave everyone of us a brand umbrella, a packet of breakfast with cupcake and packet Milo drink and a bottle of mineral water. After a while they announced a surprise, they are going to let us in at 10.30AM!! Wheee~! 

I decide to use the gift card at Lot 10 outlet, coz it seems like Lot 10 outlet has more things to shop :P
Lucky day!

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