Starbucks #FRAPPUCCINOfiesta

Yesterday 6/7/2013 was the day for #FRAPPUCCINOfiesta! I was scared that I can't make it because I went to college to submit my coursework and jam all the way to Times Square KL. Saturday is a jamming day. Sigh... Don't drive on Saturday LOL Traffic jam is such a pain.

I brought 2 friends with me and my sister got the invitation too. She brought 1 friend along. After the registration, we straight away went to redeem our frappuccino using our tumbler :) I realised that people who didn't own a tumbler can't get a drink. Unless they use whatever way to get a tumbler then they can enjoy the frappuccino served. Owh... Luckily my sis and I have our own! We were happy that the frappuccino drink was free flow all the time during the event!!! We keep refilling our tumbler :D Enjoy to the max although it was just one flavour that was the Hojicha Frappuccino. The event crew gave me 2 starbucks tuna sandwiches too. I wonder how much they sell at the shop for this normal sandwich?

Then, we went downstairs where that was the main place for this event. I quite late to the main floor because I heard somebody say that the lucky draw session was ended and they actually drew my number!!! ARGGGH : (  While walking around one event crew approached me to try the gift sending feature in the starbucks card system. After that I got 2 coupons for buy 1 free 1 cookie crumble frappuccino yeah XD

The rest of the day 2 of my girl friends HEHEH yea girlfriends :) went to play those scary and dizzy theme park ride @@ I avoided it all LOL you might think why I am such an idiot got free entry and didn't get on those rides!! Sigh... I'm phobia of dizziness since when I was small :( A little bit of dizziness can last for whole day T.T
And I drank few rounds of Hojicha frap already what do you think if I get on those rides? @@~ hahaha

We went BBQ Plaza for our dinner after exiting the park. Our total bill was about RM120. XP I'm broke~!!!

*more photos will be added soon* coursework peak time now : (

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