New Challenge

Pikom PC Fair 12-14 April 2013
Apron Look :P with 2 handsome models at the Best Booth Award winning market look booth 

Hey who's idea was this LOL
Never bought anything from Pikom PC fair ever since I worked with Avira...I work almost every Pikom fair~ hahaha :D Satisfy with the pay and commission I fight in this fair!

Instead of being a 量地官 in the house, I looked for a new job after the fair.
Luckily my friend intro a job to me! But I hesitated at first because I still want to eatdrinkrelax at home T.T
Think and think and think... there are about 2 weeks left to next semester, chances are not always there when you want, finally I went to interview and got the job. (I HATE INTERVIEW)

This is the first time I apply for office work, the work is all about account and finance = = 

Calling vendors (CALL!? I NVR DO CALLING JOB B4!! :o ) , sort document, data entry... 7 working days to go. 
I guess working in the accounting firm will be like that too. Haizz~ Luckily I'm just a temporary staff, not working for the whole month! And... NO WORK ON SATURDAYS!! YEAHH!~

The main focus on the job is not on pay but on experience...But I am grateful that I earn the experience with quite high pay compared to working as intern in this field.

Every job is a new challenge and new experience that enrich my life :D

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