30 days more

Uuh......6th of April 2013.

Last paper was on 2nd of April, the next day when I wake up feeling like nothing to do.
just one day I feel like growing fungi = = AAAAHHHH DAMM BORRING LLAHH!!!

You would think go find a job! Yea yea yea... I will be working on the 12 to 14th of April, for the 2nd PIKOM PC FAIR 2013 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.
Visit Avira Booth! :P Time to update your antivirus to the latest version~ XP

That's why the rest of my holiday has big chance to be blank, most company want their worker to commit full project... If there is no PC fair this month I probably working as an intern. Maybe next semester break hmmph~? :) Looking forward on life as an intern, although not much salary.


"Five minutes in the real world gives you an hour in the dream."

Finally watched Inception! So long since it was on the big screen. I LOVE THE STORY!!!

"Five minutes in the real world gives you an hour in the dream." 

This is so true, you could have a mini story dream (or even more~!) with just 5 minutes of sleep/daydream in the class. I always did that when I was form 4 XD  

Sigh...~ Honeymoon Form 4 was the best. 
10 subjects to learn at a time. Totally lost control. Gaming, dreaming, loving, chatting, playing, eating, singing, acting, teasing, capturing photos made my life~ 
Tired daily classes, too many new syllabus.
That was the moment I thought of having classes in the dream. My friend agree with me too!
But later, I got myself wrong.
If we have classes in the dream, we will have classes non-stop. Dream, class. Wake up, go to school, class. There's no rest time! You will go insane~!
And, how can we learn new things in the dream. Knowledge doesn't exist in dreams, it must be learnt before you can dream about it. 
Or, maybe you have the super power that you can learn things in your dream? XD
Perhaps you forgot at the moment when you wake up hahahah~

Try to tell yourself actually things around you is a dream, when you're sleeping in your nice warm bed, dreaming about your story. It may be possible, but you just will not believe it~ 

In the dream the world is real, outside the dream the world just now was fake.

So, let's just keep it as a dream.

Just in case one day you manage to convince the dreaming you that actually it is just a dream, remember to have fun yea XD

Dream more, dream big~ before you got engulfed by the reality of life.
I am a dreamer~ always be.


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