Relax Like A Boss ^^


Holiday~ MUST RELAX ^^
Went Sushi Zanmai at Fahrenheit 88 at 2nd floor.
Go once and you will notice the difference of it among all japanese restaurant ;)

I ordered this Chicken Katsu Don :D
my order costs RM8.80 (small)~   cheaper than a set in Sushi King 
Round, glutinous and soft Japanese rice delicious indeed ❤

I'm full after finishing the whole bowl! Quite a big portion already for a girl with small appetite 
*hey I don't mean myself I eat like a horse! XP *

Is there any space more in my stomach for another piece of peach salmon...just 1 piece :P
The price for peach salmon and salmon is the same, RM3.80 1 plate with 2 pieces. The difference is just one with peach slice and another without it :P

Second round, STARBUCKS BUKIT BINTANG! New outlet so they are offering BUY 1 FREE 1!!
How I wish I have a chance to work as a beverage crew in any beverage shop :')

The CNY design is available but I don't want to keep 2 Starbucks card @@
Maybe will consider to own the next when Starbucks is selling a design that I love at the 1st sight :P

Got my card reloaded with RM50 and the barista *my friend :P* free me 1 pack of this. Thanks for your service Willis! Can I get an FOC handcrafted beverage when I visit you next time XD

Drink Starbucks and pay RM1 for the government.
= = wtf I'm just drinking coffeeee!! 

Yeah you reach the end of the post..~
Rock yourself before leaving? ;D

*I have never heard a rock song from SNSD until I listened to this ^O^*
here you go~ Girls' Generation I got a boy!

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