Melaka + Balik Kampung

Went Melaka to have walk there :) Long time didn't visit Melaka already~ 
1st thing is to eat chicken rice ball HEHEHE It is a normal chicken rice, just the rice is made like ball shape. Some restaurants they provide you black soy sauce like how Singaporeans have their chicken rice :) And the spicy and sour taste chili sauce is a must! Taste delicious and you will continue to add more rice ball hahahah!

After lunch, walk to Jonker Street! 
Spotted Ochado and straight away went into it for 1 Roasted Milk Tea :P 
*I love milk tea! and I will ONLY order milk tea at any milk tea bar although they also have many other drinks on the menu* 

Jonker Street is famous of its antique buildings built hundreds years ago. Many of the buildings there are quite small and very very old...Luckily it is still there as a tourist hot spot in Malaysia! 

Photo below is the Cheng Hoon Teng's Temple (青云亭) , the oldest Chinese temple in Malaysia.It looks not that old but its age is more than 400 years old! Went through maintenance process :) 

Sit inside, it is very windy. When you go out, you don't feel that windy again. 
Weird right? maybe is the structure problem. XD

A lot of delicious food can be found in Melaka. Makan Kaki, prepare your money to EAT!! Shoppers, prepare your money to seek for nice souvenir, bags, clothes! Coz I noticed there are few shops in Jonker Street selling clothes and bags *feel like buying a bag there but I already got 2...1 shop got 20% discount on all items and the bags sold there I LIKE THEM ALL!!*

What I like about Melaka:
Satay Celup *I haven't try this yet!*, chicken rice ball, dodol, nyonya kuih, thousand layer cake from Nadeje *Haven't try this also!!*, ice kacang, a lot more!!

Feel like going back to the past... old building, peoples, tourist, antique shop, old industry, guest house which decorated very creatively...I like itExperience yourself!

Cleaner air *at least cleaner than in KL* 

Clean street *cleaner than streets in KL, really clean in Jonker Street :D *
A lot of guesthouse! very relaxing that type~Peaceful environment.*I love simple and quiet place*

take me to Melaka again~

Balik kampung after eat and walk at Melaka...To Muar! 

An old well in backyard.. With little fish and even Sakura in it hehe
Used to catch the fishes with cousins in the drain outside the house without realising how dirty it was with weird insects, dried leaves and dirty water flowing from every house @@ 
But if the fish can survive in that condition I'm sure it is not so dirty :P
Had so much fun catching fishes under the hot sun!

Yellowish paddy field with a view of Gunung Ledang far away...
Water at Gunung Ledang is freezing cold :D 
the place and river always crowded @@

Vegetables are all free! XD 
passion fruit, pomegranate, papaya, brinjal, chili, cabbage, lady fingers, cocoa *seed only XP* and few hens also ~ Planted by grandparents :)

❤I'll be back again when CNY!❤

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