7.1.2013 exam finished!

Happy Holiday to all TARCians who have their exams ended :)
Good luck for those who still preparing for next exam!

This week gonna relax myself first before seeking for any part time jobs :)
Aiming for my new phone - Samsung Galaxy SIII or Galaxy Note II !!
Aaarrgghh I want to earn money to get a new phone T^T

I have been staying at my friend's house for 5 days during the exam period.
Can concentrate more on revision than staying in my own home to study...too much of distraction and disturbance in the house. @@ 
Just one disadvantage, have to spend more money on meals eating outside.

The environment is very important, it affects your study mood!!
Sleep, wake up, eat, study, bath, study, eat, study, sleep... and the cycle goes on every day XD 

MUST GET ENOUGH SLEEP, not ask you to study till wee hours and sleep in the morning = = 
SLEEP is very important especially in this important time as it helps to store all the things you have read.
how to get enough sleep? plan your revision time properly! Always start earlier, I need 2 to 3 days to study one subject and remember notes & points....Don't start at last minute, the word "at least" obviously doesn't apply in this condition. 
Be responsible on your actions~

Think before you eat! I have friends suffered from cough, flu, sore throat, fever, food poisoning, because they did not care what they have eaten... Hey going to exam with a sick body is definitely no fun at all, should enjoy the fun while answering exam question 
*If you think the question is easy and you manage to answer well it would be a fun and excitement XD *
#Am I crazy# exhausted by the life cycle of exam period >.< I even dreamt myself sob and yellin' "I'm so tired" @@ zZz just a dream~ STRESS

Any question while revising can straight away ask your friend and discuss about it, better than no one to ask when revise at home. > < Then, you will get distracted by the computer easily XP
I did all the past year paper from the lecturers, it works when exam~ :D 
So do more past year paper before every exam~
But seems like I'm the only one did all the past year question...friends just have a look at my answer >_< 
Nevermind, I remember more when doing answers :D
Went to the library with a friend to study even on Sunday too! luckily the college library is opening. 
The air-cond inside still dry my eyes and freezes me @@ 
but it is still a suitable place to study! 

Hope to study like this every semester exam! I wanna score and excel :) 
Anybody is with me?

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