Pikom PC Fair 2012 KLCC

1st day recorded:
on a piece of Avira flyer, dropped and found in the big recycle bin outside the conference hall =.=

2nd day recorded:
on a piece of flyer, taken out at the counter to record, few mins after that found nothing at the counter, went thru recycle bin and walkway to search for my paper, finally found by friends AT THE COUNTER zZz

3rd day recorded:
on my left hand, never been missing before WAHAHAHA~

2nd day Avira booth flash mob, 2 lengzai flash mob dance crew keep on pushing each other so that either one of them can stand besides me? XD (SS nya~ =P)

Special thanks to my bosses for paying us sales bonuses =D
Lots of fun, laughters and memories working with you all~ Thanks for everything!!

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