First Churp Churp Cash Out

Wow, after long period of churping, this is what I got......A letter from HSBC Bank and a RM320 cheque from ChurpChurp Malaysia attached below! Not scam letter this is a REAL one ehh! :D

Guess how I did it? It's simple, just share campaigns on Facebook/Twitter and get earnings!
So, how to join the Churp comunity?

1. Click to visit: ChurpChurp site!
2. Click the red color Sign Up, or the blue color Twitter login.
3. Be sure the email address you type is accessible by you, it is better to login to your mailbox first so that you can activate your ChurpChurp account immediately!
4. Type your email address and the password you would like to use. (You may choose to update a new one after that)
5. Click sign up, and you'll receive an email to confirm your registration.
6. Click the activation link in the mail to complete your registration!

No one says you need to pay member fees to join! :D IT'S TOTALLY FREE! 
All you need is Facebook or Twitter or Instagram account to share campaigns!

Joining churpchurp  is exciting, because there are frequent updates on campaigns, events, offers and competitions. Besides gettting to know the latest events, I also be the one who share the event first among my friends. Friends who saw and interested to know more will visit the event page through my post. That is how earnings is credited. 
You get money for things you shared, how cool is that! Accumulate earnings up to RM100 and you are ready for a cash out! 

Start churping now to earn some pocket money while you use social media! #TheNewChurp2 
I will write about another community that let you earn while you share later ;)

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