Work for Avira :D 
Thursday night fell sick, cough and sore throat... Slight fever in the midnight :( 

So Friday take a leave... Start work on Saturday :)

New working attire, I guess it won't change throughout year 2014, kinda like it! Just the size problem :/ I was wearing L size in the 2 days. Notice that Avira has changed its trademark font and design!

This time was the time a few photographer took photos of me in the fair...I'm just a little girl promoter hahahah~  

Can't be a model anyway... First my height doesn't allow me to be a model, unless people head hunt me, then we may talk ;) 157cm high but in the photos I look shorter, maybe because of the vest.

Second, I want to enjoy food more than slimming down, confirm nobody will head hunt me then o.O. I weight average 50kg. Continue to eat without boundaries!!

Third, I'm not willing to stand on heels :( And I want some freedom while working i.e walk and talk around the exhibition hall freely :D

All excuses sounds so ego right? heheheh~~ Yep that's the fact so let me be! 3:)
Never have a thought of receiving modeling job for fair and events... Can't imagine if I could be a model X)

If you saw pictures of me from your photographer friends please tell me, I want to have a look on my photos too :D

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