One month holiday

The final exam for semester 4 finally ended. YEAY! I can do whatever I want!!
Not much confidence in all papers. Since when a minimum of 50 marks is such a pain in the mind and body so hard to score...... : (   Hopefully I'll achive what I want to achive. Nobody wishing Good Luck to classmates already in Facebook.

Worked for KL PC Fair August right after the last paper Hahahah everybody thinking I'm a superman need not rest but I do feel tired I don't know why I agreed at the first place. @@

My sales for the first day not that good coz I went in at 5pm, 4 more hours to closing time but I managed to sell 3 units. Thanks Avira for still paying me one day pay!

Second day was better because it was a Sunday. The crowd in the afternoon still ok, but compare the previous fair people are lesser in this fair. I sold 8 units in total... Standing the whole day was very tiring. :/
This fair we've got new costume LOL have a look! XP

haha is that lame phone lame camera again and again...  :O
I really have no idea which one to change.
Let me earn some money first ; )

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