Last week of Semester 3

Next week is final exam. :(
Gonna start revision this week although just 3 subject.

Last Friday, my Tax tutor bought 3 breads from RT Pastry in our college canteen and bring it into the class, 

I saw it then I said "I want~~" 
Can't believe he really let me to choose one! :D
So without hesitation I chose the most good looking one heheh. :P The most expensive one among the 3, with ham,egg,cheese,chicken floss as toppings.

After enjoying the bread when break time, we have one more class with him at the same class room. That was when I realised that 3 breads was his lunch 1 was already eaten by me. 
and he told me that was his favourite! 【2X OMG】

I owe Tax tutor 1 bread and it will be forever > < 
I don't wanna fail Tax because of 1 bread @@

Got back Tax test result...luckily still can score high! ^.^

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