Final exam, hair, CNY!

Semester 2 final exam result will be out once I wake up from sleep. Can you see how big is the impact on my CNY mood T.T so nervous.

Have been coughing and sore throat about 1 week... Was it because of stress? or the weather?

The weather is so extreme... today sunny day tomorrow cloudy cool and rain whole day. 

Getting sick soon the weather is so unstable... *cough cough cough* *SNEEZE!!* Dizzy headache 

A negative hope that I will lose weight because of stress source from courseworks >.<

Cut my hair few days ago for CNY ^^
before cut: very long and thick hair
I guess CNY will be very hot so I decide to cut

after cut: 1st time cutting hair length till like this, satisfy!

Many commented that I looked Aunty.. This is Korean style okayy!! XD 
Done using a hair curler and it's temporary curl. I made it at 1am, then the next day I wake up the effect is still there HAHAH~ Just not that curl already, look more wavy like Korean style! :D
if you have this straightener try this out! A tutorial video by Chuckei
Very easy and looks nice! Have a new look when CNY :)

Okay...time to think how to do my coursework and countdown for final exam result.
Argh I hate this sick feeling body condition not good at all can't eat any CNY biscuit and chips OTL
Les f*ck*ng miserable life of assignment week

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