This rat has been digging up holes infront of my house for quite a long time zZz

My mom tried to catch it by putting 1 slice of dried sotong (seriously WHAT!? ) and...failed.
Then it's my turn I gave it a try...HAHAH I put 1 small piece of wheat cereal and...la la la la la~ 1st try and I got it. Ohh you nasty little rat = = Surprised it was this size but it digged a big hole.

Since I have no idea how to settle it, my friend's on FB suggested few ways.
1. Pour boiled water on it
2. Drown it in the water
3. Leave it there few days and it dies because of hunger/sunburn/dehydration
4. Be a good human, take it to another place far away and let it go

I'm a good person, so 1 to 3 I won't do it > <
But if release it at another place it will go to people's house again...

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