Samsung GALAXY Camera

First saw this camera at : )

I'm attracted by this new thing!!
because of its wide touch screen and the DSLR like function ❤

I wonder how is the quality of the photo captured?
Perfect if it has the function and quality almost same like DSLR.

It is the first camera with 3G and powered by Android.
Android 4.1 Jellybean? sound like a smartphone~
plus can connect to wifi or 3G, means I can on facebook or call/text via Viber/Whatsapp? hahah!

 I like the function of continuous shooting, and choose the best shot or pose
sounds like an on the spot PS function XD
This function also can be found on Galaxy Note 2 / Tab 10.1 if i'm not mistaken.

Wanna test this camera by myself!
Will be taking a lot of photos if I own one :D

see the introduction video here~

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