Busy Body

Few times when the exam is around the corner I‘ll receive order more than ordinary,
makes me so busy of processing their order.

A lot of things to worry recently.
Like first time feelling so stress = =
Like suddenly forgot all technique on handling tension.

AARrrrrHhHhhhh I wanna find a place which nobody is there so that I can yell out loudly

1 more week to go then it will be my 1st final exam in TARC.
No mood at all to study zZz

Don't feel like going to college anymore, just want to stay at home to study/sleep/eat/do my stuff with computer or whatsoever. [WHAT EVER LA..just don't go out from the house]

Attending tutorial or lecture class at the last few week before final is time wasting.
But you can't absent if you absent then everything info you need to know is gone.

I find college library is not a suitable place for me to study.
1. Low temperature
2. Mumbling [including myself  > <]
3. Not really comfortable with the environment inside [rules restrictions]
4. makes my eye dry [air con's fault] , eventually feel sleepy
probably end up chatting with friends inside. zZz
Hmm maybe I should go cafe like Chatime/ShareTea to read. [arrhh~ TEA!❤]
Maybe better than staying inside the campus? o.O~

Feel so good to have you by my side.

Please don't go away..

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