If This Was A Movie - Taylor Swift

Last night I heard my own heart beating
Sounded like footsteps on my stairs
Six months gone and I'm still reaching
Even though I know you're not there
I was playing back a thousand memories, baby
Thinking 'bout everything we've been through
Maybe I've been going back too much lately
When time stood still and I had you

[chorus] Come back, come back, come back to me like
You would, you would if this was a movie
Stand in the rain outside 'till I came out
Come back, come back, come back to me like
You could, you could if you just said you're sorry
I know that we could work it out somehow
But if this was a movie you'd be here by now

I know people change and these things happen
But I remember how it was back then
Locked up in your arms & our friends are laughing
Cause nothing like this ever happened to them, now
I'm pacing up the hall, chasing down your street
Flashback to a night when you said to me
Nothing's gonna change, not for me and you
Not before I knew how much I had to lose

×If you're out there
If you're somewhere
If you're moving on
I've been waiting for you
Wary, since you've been gone
I just want it back the way it was before
And I just want to see you back at my front door
And I say

Come back, come back, come back to me like
You would before you say it's not that easy
Before the fight, before I left you out
But I take it all back now

You'd be here by now
It's not the kind of ending you wanna see now
Think I've had a happy ending
Oh, I thought you'd be here now, whoa

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